Study In Australia

Australia, the land down under. The world most fascinating country in the world with more than 10,000 beaches, it takes 27 years if you visit one beach each day. Australia’s one of the largest metropolis populated country around the globe. Land Downunder have the biggest wildlife in the world.

Australia has a population bigger than 25 Million. Majority of Aussies lives around the Metropole (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, & Gold Coast). Almost less than 27% of the Australian population lives in a regional area which covered more than 90% of Australian land.

Australia has one of the most eccentric and quirky wildlife around the world. Australia is land of Kangaroo, Emu, & koala. There are more than 25 Million species which only settle down in Australia, with these statistics Australia has one of the best ecosystems in the world

Australia serves more than 2 Million Tourists and Student Visa Holder each year. Australia has one of the best education systems in the world with more than 35 QS ranked University around the world. With more than 13,000 Universities, Colleges, & Institutions, Australia ranked among the topmost recognised educated country in the world.

Aussies have the best acknowledge health care system in the entire world. According to the survey by WHO, Australia enjoys the best healthcare system among the top 10 ranked countries in the world. Australia government policy of mandatory Health Insurance allows Student & Visitor to be protected in case of emergency.

According to the Australian government, 46% of Australian are born offshore. Australia is one of the most diverse populated countries in the world. Australian speaks more than 200 different languages in their households. Australia welcomes different cultural people around the world and helps them to settle in their country with an open heart.

Australian federal government spend more than 1% ($22 Billion) budget of GDP on education. Australian States & Territories spend more than    ($25 Billion) in their respective states and territories. International Student Education is the third biggest sector of the Australian Economy which create more than 2.2 Million jobs across Australia. To promote Australian Education, Federal, State and Territorial government offer more than 0.5 Billion Scholarship to the International Students from all around the world.





New Student Visa

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