Accounting / Finance

Accounting & Finance is the original language of any business. These subjects are used to determine the financial health of a company. These two specialisations process raw financial data and organise it for the stakeholders and management to follow. So, they both play a key role in daily and futuristic decisions – forecasting the budget, determining investments, helping in research and development.

Why Choose Australia for Accounting and Finance.

Students willing to study in Australia have the advantage of quality Australian Education, cutting edge technology, and highly competent instructors with extensive industry experience. It is also important to note that 6 Australian Universities with recognised courses in Accounting & Finance have been a part of Top 50 Band of QS World University Ranking. Additionally, while studying overseas students can work for up to 40 hours during the course and for unrestricted hours during the scheduled course breaks. Through the ‘Professional Year Program’, the international students can also start working right away, which is counted as eligibility for Permanent Residency. The program consists of a minimum of 44 weeks of training, including 12 weeks of industry-related internship. Successful completion of the training lets the student earn 5 points towards Australian Permanent Residency.

Successful students are known to find employment with Australia’s largest accounting firms, like Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Deloitte, KPMG, successful businesses, the Australian government, corporations, non-profit organisations, and educational institutions. At SCEC, our consultants help the clients in building a better future with updated knowledge of the current study visa scene in Australia. We assist you in making the right choices.

SCEC is a proud partnered with UBS Accountant, Subcontinent Education Consultant students can enjoy guaranteed internship with partnered accountant firm. This course and internship help students to overcome the problem which they face in a real-time after finishing their degrees.

Recognition and Credit Transfer of Prior Courses Undertaken:

International students are also eligible for credit in the selected academic course or program. The credit transfer allows the students to avoid taking up similar qualifications/subjects from previous courses undertaken, helping them in minimising the cost of course, focus more on other subjects, shorten the duration of the course and engage more in practical training. Moreover, the eligible students in Accounting & Finance are eligible to avail the CPA Associate membership, after clearing the foundation exams.

Eligibility and Requirements:

SCEC provides the best student visa service provider for individuals who want to pursue courses in Accounting & Finance from Australia. To secure a student visa, there are the following requirements which need to be met.

  • A valid passport.
  • An offer letter from the university or educational institution.
  • IELTS score of 6.0 (Not less than 5.5) +  or PTE Academic score of 64, with communication skill more than 57.
  • Evidence of sufficient fund to support stay and education.
  • Relevant documents list by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Subcontinent Education Consultant is Sydney top Education Consultant with our experience & skills we will provide our client with the best student visa application process they experience.

University & Colleges

  • Charles Darwin University
  • Central Queensland University
  • University of Wollongong
  • Southern Cross University
  • Universal Business School Sydney
  • Holmes College
  • Kings Own Institute
  • Asian Pacific Internation College

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